Spread across 14 islands, Stockholm features magnificent waterfront and equally stunning architecture. But those visiting Stockholm rarely do it for the lazy strolls and calm exploration – deep down, Stockholm is a city that’s teeming with life, with the avant-garde art scene and a strong passion for cutting-edge technology. While the Stockholm’s old town, Gamla Stan, is perfect for admiring the city’s roots, visible through the architecture and layout, places like Moderna Museet are there to show you the second face of the city. The transition between different parts of Stockholm is made easy by the surprisingly efficient public transportation system consisting of ferries and the tunnelbana (metro). Those who appreciate good food will be delighted by what Stockholm has to offer in that department, as the open-minded character of the city is reflected in this matter as well. Simply put, Stockholm has every cuisine in the world – and it’s no exaggeration. Whether you’re after the traditional fried herring, or avant-garde fusion cuisine, it’s all here. Finally – the design, which is what Stockholm is famous for – will captivate even the most fashion-negative tourists with rich textures, natural-looking fabrics and minimalism.

Stockholm Money Saving Tips

Money Saving Tips

Best Period to Visit Stockholm

Best Period to Visit Stockholm

Accomodation Tips for Stockholm

Accomodation Tips

Getting Around Stockholm

Getting Around Stockholm

Top 10 Things to See and Do in Stockholm

Top 10 Things to See and Do in Stockholm

Other Things to See and Do

Other Things to See and Do

Money Saving Tips

Make your own food

If you’re looking to save some money while on your trip to Stockholm, make sure to limit eating out to the absolute minimum. While grocery shops in Stockholm offer an okay price for what they sell, the restaurants and diners are incredibly expensive and will quickly drain your budget.

Join a free tour

Similarly to other major tourist cities in Europe, there are a couple of free walking tours taking place every day in Stockholm. One of such tours, simply called the Free Tour Stockholm, provides a great starting point for first-timers, as it shows them around the old city of Stockholm and provides tips and history trivia.

Taste the street food

If you really do not have the time to prepare your own meals and have to eat out, make sure to visit small-time stalls and food trucks, as the meals served there are much cheaper than those served in restaurants. There is also a wide variety of food to choose from, from simple hotdogs to Thai food.

Search for lunch buffets

Another good way to save some money on food is to look for buffets in restaurants and diners. Ask the locals who run the place where you are staying for the closest buffet. Most of those lunch buffets cost around 98 SEK, and you can eat as much as you want without taking anything out with you.

Drink tap water

Not only does this save you quite a bit of money, but you are also helping save the environment but not creating more plastic litter by drinking bottled water. A bottle of water costs around 20 SEK, which is the equivalent of €2, but tap water is free and is just as tasty and safe to drink as bottled water.

Take a walk through the parks

Stockholm is widely known for its beautiful and picturesque parks, which are scattered all around the city, so you are pretty sure to find one close to your accommodation place. All of those parks are, of course, free to visit any time, and are a great way to spend an afternoon with your loved one.

Visit museums for free

As is customary in most European countries, some museums in Stockholm are free to visit either at all time or during certain days at certain hours. A standard ticket for a museum in Stockholm costs around €13, which is quite a bit, so make sure to look around for the museums that are free to visit.

Cut down on alcohol

Alcohol in all of Sweden is known to be extremely expensive, and drinking will easily drain your budget. If you are buying your own beverages at a supermarket, make sure to avoid wine, since it is way overpriced, and get a beer instead. You should also stay away from clubs, except during happy hours.

Use the ferries

There is a wide array of offers being advertised in Stockholm, providing tours of the nearby islands. These tours are generally extremely overpriced and cost up to four times of what a regular ferry ticket might cost. Instead of taking a tour, buy your own ferry ticket and travel on your own, and you are sure to save some money.

Buy a public transport pass

A single ticket for public transport in Stockholm is quite expensive, especially if you plan on travelling a lot during a single day. If you do, you should think about getting a transportation card, which is valid for a week and costs 300 SEK, which is around €29 and allows you unlimited use of both metro and buses.

Best Period to Visit Stockholm


Stockholm is never really crowded to the point when it’s unpleasant to visit, so consider other aspects, like weather, prices and events, as well as your preferred activities, when planning your trip. Summer, being the peak tourist season for Stockholm, brings the most visitors to Stockholm.


Unless you’re interested in winter sports, summer is the best season to visit Stockholm – it offers the warmest temperatures and the longest periods of daylight. From June to August, the highs can reach around 22 °C in July. Keep in mind that the average temperature drops a good 10 °C during the night. Both fall and spring are much chillier, and winter can be called extreme, with -5 °C lows from December to February.


Summer, being the peak tourist season for Stockholm, brings the highest prices on accommodation, food and entertainment. Stockholm gets substantially cheaper during spring and fall. Winter depends on the exact entertainment and the location of your accommodation, as travellers still visit the city for winter sports.


Viking Run (February)
Swedish Outdoor Show (March)
Walpurgis Night (April)
Urban Connection Festival (May)
Midsummer Festival (June)
A Taste of Stockholm (June)
Stockholm Pride (July)
Popaganda (August)
Stockholm Beer & Whisky Festival (September-October)
Ladies’ Mile (September)
Stockholm Half Marathon (September)

Accomodation Tips


Stockholm provides a wide choice of apartments for rent, which are a valid alternative to motels and hotels. This form of accommodation offers you a unique experience, allowing you to feel more at home in Stockholm than if you were to book a hotel.

Budget (1-2 star) hotels

If you want to explore Stockholm on a budget, then 1- and 2-star hotels are the place to go. These offer sufficient comfort and allow you to save money which can then be spent on entertainment, food or visiting the most popular sights.

Standard (3-4 star) hotels

Especially those travelling with families and little kids need something more than just a roof over their heads. 3- and 4-star hotels in Stockholm offer diverse facilities and great location, with easy access to the popular attractions and points of interest.

Luxury hotels in Stockholm

Boasting excellent location and the most impressive facilities, luxury hotels in Stockholm are the finest form of accommodation, one that will satisfy even the most seasoned travellers. If you don’t mind the extra expense, these hotels are more than prepared to cater to every need and taste.

Getting Around Stockholm


A good way to traverse the city is to use a bike – whether your own one, rented one, or one from a bike-sharing programme. The city is generally cyclist-friendly with a couple of cycle lanes, but there are plenty of parks where you can ride. You can also carry a bike with you on a train, but you cannot take it with you on a metro train.
There is a bike-sharing programme run in the city with multiple stands across the city. The bikes can be borrowed for up to three hours at a time, and can be returned at any of the stands.


The ferry services of Stockholm are a great way to visit the many islands of the Stockholm archipelago. The ferries depart every ten minutes during the summer, and connect thy Djurgarden with Nybroplan and Slussen. The ferries use the same tickets and passes as the other methods of public transport in Stockholm.


Getting a bus is a good way to traverse the city quickly and on a budget. The main bus hubs in the city are at Sergels Torg, Odenplan, Fridhemsplan, and Slussen. The following bus lines are of most importance to tourists:
• 47 – starts at Sergels Torg and ends at Djurgarden
• 69 – starts at Centralstationen and Sergels Torg and travels to the Ladugardsgardet museums and Kaknastornet.
• 43 and 65 – these two buses run between the Regeringsgatan and Sodermalm, and between the Centralstationen and Skeppsholmen, making for a good way to get to the city centre from your accommodation spot.
Remember that tickets cannot be bought on the buses in Stockholm, so make sure to buy them before you get on one.

Car and Motorcycle

Since Stockholm is filled with a number of narrow, one-way streets, using your own vehicle is probably not the best idea. Moreover, the traffic jams are frequent during rush hours due to the number of bridges, and the parking is severely limited and expensive. If you really must use your own vehicle, make sure to stay away from the Gamla Stan district, as you are almost sure to spend long hours getting through its narrow streets.


The taxi fees are unregulated in Stockholm, so you will have to look yourself at the fees offered by respective companies. If you need to use a taxi, make sure that the company you use is reputable and trustworthy. If you are unsure, check Google for reviews or use Uber instead.

Local Trains

Using a local train is a good way of getting to the suburbs of Stockholm and the neighbouring villages. The most useful trains are those riding towards Nynashamn, Marsta, and Uppsala, and all of them depart from the Centralstationen.


There is no established expansive tram line in Stockholm, but there is a historic tram route which is a slow, yet picturesque way to traverse the city. The line runs only between Norrmalmstorg and Skansen, providing a very limited choice of stops.


Called the “tunnelbana”, the Stockholm metro is a fast and efficient way to get around the city, but make sure you only use it for long distances, as some stops are very close together and simply walking might even be faster. There are three main lines of the metro (the green, red, and blue line) and each of the lines is explained on a route map present at every station. The metro trains usually run from around 5 a.m. and end their service at 2:30 a.m.

Tickets and Passes

All of the public transport tickets can be used on metro, buses, trams, some of the ferries, and most local trains. Keep in mind that you cannot buy those aboard most vehicles, so get them from a machine present on almost all stops. A single ticket is valid for 75 minutes with transfers, and costs between 60SEK with a 50% discount for kids under the age of 18. There is also a range of day passes available, valid for one, three, and seven days, which cost respectively 80, 160, and 210SEK. Moreover, you can buy a refillable transport card for only 20SEK, which comes in handy.

Top 10 Things to See and Do in Stockholm

Stockholm Bridges Cruise

This tour shows you through the waterways and bridges of Stockholm, as well as some of the islands surrounding the city. The tour takes two hours and will show you fifteen of the most beautiful bridges, located in the Old Town of Stockholm, and the islands of Sodermalm, Lilla and Stora Essingen.

The Original Stockholm Ghost Walk

Taking place during the night, this unique tour will show you along the medieval streets of Stockholm with only a lantern guiding you through. A local guide will show you some hidden places which most tourists miss on their stay, while you discover a different, mysterious side of Stockholm.

ABBA The Museum

This ticket allows you to pre-book your entrance to Abba The Museum in Stockholm, alleviating the need to wait in long lines. You can freely explore the museum at your own pace, and nobody will rush you as you learn of the history of one of the world’s most famous pop groups, and you can even participate in a karaoke contest.

Best of Stockholm City Bike Tour

If you tire easily while walking, or simply prefer cycling, this tour will provide you with a bike to explore the city with. An experienced guide will make sure that everyone stays safe during the tour, and will show you around the different islands of the archipelago where you will be able to see their most famous attractions.

Stockholm Hop-on-Hop-off Tour

Not only does this tour provide you with the ability to use a range of bus routes to explore the city, but it also allows you to use a range of boats and ferries to traverse the city by water. The stops of both the boats and the buses are strategically placed around the most attended attractions, limiting the need to travel on foot.

Stockholm Pass

If you want to actively spend your vacation and see as much of Stockholm as possible, the Stockholm Pass may be just what you are looking for. The Pass grants you free entry to over sixty different attractions and sites in Stockholm, as well as a hop-on-hop-off bus and boat service at your disposal.

Stockholm Food Tour

This four-hour tour will show you through the city of Stockholm, as a local guide takes you the best food markets, stalls, and eateries in the town. The guide will tell you about the national cuisine of Sweden, as you taste such delicacies as cured elk, seafood, smoked reindeer, and even some chocolate sweets.

Stockholm Grand Tour by Coach and Boat

Taking only three and a half hour of your time, this tour aims to show you as much of Stockholm as possible in a short amount of time. The condensed tour will take you aboard both a boat and a comfortable coach, as you travel with a guide through the Royal Palace, Gamla Stan, Djurgarden and more.

Gamla Stan Walking Tour

Dedicated to showing you the Old Town district of Stockholm, this guided walking tour will take you through the narrows streets of the aged area. The guide will provide you with a lesson on the history of the city, with interesting facts and trivia, as you travel along the monuments and attractions of the district.

Royal Canal Tour

This tour will take you aboard a luxurious ferry which navigates through the Royal Canal. You will be able to see some of the picturesque islands of the Stockholm archipelago, along with some landmarks that can be seen only from the water, including the Djurgarden and Sodermalm.

Other Things to See and Do

Gamla Stan

The Old Town district of Stockholm can be easily traversed on your own, so if you want to save some money on a guided tour, feel free to do so. The district is filled with the narrowest streets in the city, where many of the locals set up their stalls and shops to sell local cuisine or handmade curiosities.


Located right in the middle of the Gamla Stan, the Stortorget is the old town’s main square. The square has a bloody history, as in 1520, a massacre took place after the Danish invasion. Today, however, the square is a frequently attended tourist spot, where you can find cosy cafés with good and cheap coffee.


Nicknamed the Great Church, the Church of Saint Nicholas is one of the most gorgeous churches in all of Sweden. The church is located in Gamla Stan district and is the oldest church in the city. While entering the church does cost you money, you can still look at the beautiful architecture from the outside.

Tyska Kyrkan

Also known as the German Church, the church belongs to the German Saint Gertrude Parish of the Church of Sweden, and is located in the Old Town district. The church is named the German Church because it once stood in the centre of a district dominated by Germans during the Middle Ages.

Change of the Guard Ceremony

If you happen to be visiting the Gamla Stan, make sure to check the time of the change of the guard ceremony. During summer, there is a daily parade which accompanies the event, and it takes place at least three times a week during the winter, but the time of the parade changes often, so you will have to find it out yourself.

Parkour Park

If you want to try doing parkour for yourself, visit the first purpose-built training park. The park is located in Nydalsparken and is free to visit, filled with a wide arrangement of obstacles to jump over. Even you if you do not feel like trying it out yourself, you can still watch the professionals train.


Located on the island of Kungsholmen, the park is a great space to go for an evening walk, but the real attraction of the park is quite different. In August, the Stockholm Film Festival takes place there, and you can come to watch free films under the open sky, but make sure to come early to find a good spot.


The trend of geocaching has gotten quite popular in Stockholm over the recent years, with hundreds upon hundreds of hidden caches all over the city. If you feel like going for a treasure hunt, make sure to download a geocaching app on your phone and explore some areas which tourists usually don’t attend.

Kristinebergs Skatepark

Located on the island of Kungsholmen, the skatepark is one of the best places to come to if you’re looking for a spot to have some fun on a skateboard. Even if you don’t own a skateboard and don’t know how to ride, it is still fun to come to the park to see experienced skaters perform difficult tricks.


While the King's Garden is a place worth visiting during the whole year, filled with greenery and some modern architecture, the garden really shines during the winter time. If you have your own ice skates, you can come to the huge octagonal ice rink, which opens during winter, and ride for free.

Pub Crawling

A great way to get some entertainment for free is to go pub crawling in Stockholm. While most places expect you to get a drink while there, you technically do not have to. Inside, there are often pub games played, such as dartboard, but even curling, bowling, and mini-golf in some of the pubs.

Free stand-up comedy

If you like stand-up comedy, make sure to come to the Big Ben Pub, located in Sodermalm, which hosts free stand-up shows three times a week. The shows take place on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Sundays at 8 p.m. and the acts are both in English and Swedish, so you are sure to understand at least some of it.

Sankt Gorans Kyrka

The church of Saint George in Stockholm is a beautiful place to visit. This Protestant church was built in 1910 as a small chapel, but was destroyed in 1955 with the exception of its tower, which is now a part of the new church. Make sure to visit the church in the afternoon on Wednesdays, and you may happen to get a free shoulder and back massage.

Rock Climbing

There are some free rock climbing spots located in the Ralambshovsparken, which you can use at any time if you have your own climbing gear. If you do not, however, you can still rent some equipment for a small fee, and the experience is definitely worth the relatively low price.


Located in the centre of Stockholm, the Parkteatern hosts the Stockholm House of Culture and the City Theatre. With a range of libraries and art exhibitions taking place at the culture centre, the place is free to visit. Make sure to see the outdoor concerts and shows if you happen to visit during the summer.


The Medieval Museum of Stockholm is a great place to visit on a budget, as it is free to enter. The museum is located in the Gamla Stan district, and shows artifacts from the Middle Age Stockholm, along with recreated buildings and medieval alleyways, as well as a part of the genuine defense wall of the city.


With a wide collection of letters and diaries from across the centuries, the Sjohistoriska museum focuses on the history of conquering the sea by Swedes. Not only is the maritime museum free to enter at all times, but there is a wide variety of rotating exhibitions dedicated to explorers and voyagers of Sweden.


Built in a gorgeous national romantic architectural style, the Stockholm’s courthouse is a wonderful building to look at from the outside. Moreover, you can go inside the courthouse for free and explore it on your own, but you will have to pass through security gates on your way in.

Money Museum

The Money Museum of Stockholm, or the Myntkabinettet, is a museum dedicated to the history of money and economy. Not only does the museum provide a collection of different coins and notes from all over the world, but you can also see the world’s biggest coin, which weighs almost twenty kilogrammes.


This museum shows the discoveries and inventions of the Nobel Prize winners, along with Alfred Nobel himself. The museum shows the achievements of all Nobel Prize winners since 1901 and can be visited for free on Tuesdays between 5 p.m. and 8 p.m.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are the best hotels for Stockholm city break?

    Our list of the best hotels in Stockholm are: Radisson Blu Royal Viking Hotel Stockholm, Scandic Malmen, Clarion Hotel Amaranten, Scandic Park and Hotel Birger Jarl. Discover the full list of best hotels in Stockholm.

  • What are the luxury hotels in Stockholm?

    The finest examples of luxury hotels in Stockholm include Sheraton Stockholm Hotel, Mornington Hotel Stockholm, Hotel Kung Carl- BW Premier Collection, Haymarket by Scandic, Clarion Hotel Stockholm, Clarion Hotel Sign and Hotel Hellsten. Discover the full list of luxury hotels in Stockholm.

  • What are the cheap hotels in Stockholm?

    Those trying to visit Stockholm on a tight budget will find everything they need in hotels such as Motel L, Scandic No 53, Comfort Hotel Xpress Stockholm Central, Central Hotel Stockholm, First Hotel Kungsbron, Crystal Plaza Hotel and Good Morning Kista. Discover the full list of Cheap hotels in Stockholm.

  • What is the best period to visit Stockholm for a city break?

    Taking factors such as weather, crowds and prices, the best months to visit Stockholm for a city break are June, July, August and September.

  • What are top 5 things to see and do in Stockholm?

    Stockholm offers plenty of exciting attractions and things to do. Must-sees in Stockholm include: Stockholm Bridges Cruise, The Original Stockholm Ghost Walk, ABBA The Museum, Best of Stockholm City Bike Tour and Stockholm Hop-on-Hop-off Tour.

  • How much does an Stockholm city pass cost?

    A city pass in Stockholm costs around €70.

  • How much does public transport in Stockholm cost?

    24-hour ticket for public transport in Stockholm costs around €29.

  • What are the best night clubs in Stockholm?

    The best night clubs in Stockholm include: Berns, Färgfabriken, Morfar Ginko, Pùblico and F12 Terrassen.

  • What are the best bars in Stockholm?

    Judging on the reviews and customer opinions, the best bars in Stockholm are: Pharmarium, Tjoget, Akkurat, Tak and Mälarpaviljongen.

  • What are the best places to eat in Stockholm?

    Your choice of the best restaurants in Stockholm may vary depending on your taste, however, Nook, Gondolen, Restaurant Frantzén and Den Gyldene Freden are some of the most popular choices.

  • What are the top 5 best restaurants in Stockholm?

    Top 5 restaurants in Stockholm include: Grill, Prinsen, Oaxen Krog & Slip, Råkultur and Operakällaren.